Soul Attunement Packages

energy medicine session packages with Justicia Healing

A Fresh Start For Your Soul.

How would it feel to get unstuck, release what isn’t serving you and move through life with more harmony, resilience and flow?

Imagine if every turn of the calendar marked a chance to rejuvenate, to recalibrate your inner compass, and to synchronize with the pulse of nature's symphony.

Some would call it magic. We call it reality. A deep, personal realignment across your being—body, mind, and spirit—has the power to revolutionize every facet of existence. It's life in its purest, most vibrant form.

This is the essence of Soul Attunement—a transformative journey unfolding over a year, meticulously intertwining the threads of energy medicine, crystal healing, and other sacred healing practices. Soul Attunement delicately balances your physical, mental, and emotional landscapes with the ebbs and flows of the life's rhythm. It’s a personalized, holistic experience that not only gives you vital tools for the journey ahead, but also leaves you with a greater sense of clarity, wellbeing and purpose.

Ahhhhhh. Alignment feels so dang good.

You can experience Soul Attunements in two ways: 

Justicia Healing Shining Star Energy Medicine Package 

The Shining Star Package not only offers a journey of monthly guidance and empowerment, dedicated to nurturing your growth and fostering transformation, but it's also specifically designed to uphold energetic balance and identify and rectify any discordant energetic patterns within you. It's a comprehensive pathway that paves the way for expansive personal evolution.

The Shining Star Package Includes:

Cost: $1,500 (A value of $1,785) 


Shooting Star Energy Medicine Package with Angela Goodstein 

The Shooting Star Package is a meticulously crafted sanctuary, created to free you from seasonal inertia, and guide you into a realm of physical ease, emotional flow, and soulful radiance. Through seasonal sessions tailored to your unique journey, each turn of the year becomes an opportunity for renewal and growth.

The Shooting Star Package Includes:

Cost: $750 (A value of $840)

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