Discover Your Unique Energetic Rhythm

5 rhythms model
Journey through ancient Chinese wisdom that categorizes life using the Five Elements—known as the Five Walks, Five Phases, Five Seasons and 5 Rhythms. In the Western context, these elements, depicted as water, wood, fire, earth, and metal, are easily recognizable in early pictograms.

Why is understanding your rhythm essential?

According to Chinese medicine, our material world is intricately woven with these elements. Your rhythms form the foundation of your personality, influencing the way you perceive the world. Exploring the 5 rhythms/elements theory goes beyond self-discovery—it opens the door to comprehending the unique energetic rhythms of yourself, your partners, kids, friends, siblings, and co-workers.

While everyone encompasses all elements, there's always a primary and secondary rhythm that resonates more profoundly. Each individual possesses their own "5 Rhythms secret sauce recipe," crafting a distinctive vibration or frequency pattern.

Ready to delve into your unique energetic rhythm?

Step 1: Click here to take the 5 Rhythms Self-Inventory Quiz. You can also invite your partners, family, and friends to join in as well. This will enable us to explore the interplay between the rhythms together, fostering a deeper collective understanding.

Step 2: Elevate your understanding with Angela by booking a 5 Rhythms Reading appointment. Together, we will:

  • Unearth the characteristics and defining qualities of each Rhythm type
  • Implement advanced strategies to harmonize with the Rhythms for optimal wellness and balance
  • Gain profound insights into the Five Rhythms in your relationships, unraveling interpersonal dynamics
  • Discover the manifestation of the Five Rhythms in nature

Align with your distinctive energetic rhythm and cultivate holistic well-being. To learn more book an appointment or reach out via the contact form below.

Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour | Cost: $135 (add $50 per additional person for interpersonal readings)

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