Heal your space and balance your spirit.

Deep inside each of us is a longing for a sanctuary where we feel empowered to manifest our greatest hopes and dreams.

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Service Offerings

Justicia Healing Energy Medicine session with feather wand

Energy Medicine

Energy medicine works to re-pattern troubled energies. It emphasizes and supports the body’s innate ability to self heal and to maintain a healthy, balanced flow of one's own energy.

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Angela Goodstein performing a crystal healing on a Justicia Healing client

Crystal Healing

A deep all-sensory, chakra-balancing healing experience that allows you to access inner layers of the subconscious through crystal work, essential oils, cupping, reiki, and personalized visualization.

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Angela Goodstein peforming a guided Home Cleansing Ritual

Home/Property/Building Cleansing Ritual

When the energy of your home, property or building becomes stagnant or blocked, it can manifest as unhappiness, lack of success, irritability, or chaos. Once you cleanse and bless your space and lavish it with love and clear intention, it becomes a gracious holder of dreams.

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Beautiful women wearing Justicia Artisan Jewlelry Earrings and holding an ammonite

Soul Attunement Packages

Soul Attunement is a year-long program that weaves together energy medicine, crystal healing, spacial clearing, yoga and other ancient healing modalities to help you consciously align to the rhythms and wisdom of each season. Monthly and seasonal packages are available.

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Stones That Heal

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