Plant Medicine - Energetic Prep and Integration

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Thinking about diving into the world of psychedelics?

A psychedelic experience can be a profound and life-altering adventure, offering insights, healing, and expansion beyond the ordinary. Angela provides a holistic, grounded, supportive and thoughtful approach during the preperation and integration phases of a psychedelic journey. 

Why Preparation and Integration Matter:

The path of plant medicine is transformative, offering the potential for deep healing and self-discovery. However, the significance of preparation and integration cannot be overstated. Energetic preparation sets the stage for your journey, helping you cultivate a clear intention, energetic and emotional stability, harmony in the body, and an open mind. It's the groundwork that ensures you're stepping into the experience with a balanced, calm, and attuned energetic system.

Equally important is integration, which occurs after the journey itself. The insights gained from a plant medicine experience can be profound, but it's the integration process that allows those insights to weave seamlessly into your daily life. Integration energy medicine sessions provide the space to recalibrate the energetic system, support your ability to make sense of your journey, discover actionable steps, and create lasting positive changes that ripple outward.

Working with Angela: 

  • Collaborative Approach: Angela seamlessly integrates each session with the expertise of your chosen psychedelic facilitator, ensuring a comprehensive and harmonized preparation and integration process.

  • Tailored to You: These sessions are all about you and your unique journey. Angela individualizes each session to align with your needs, concerns, and intentions.

  • A Holistic Approach: Angela's unique combination of energy medicine, crystal healing, ritual, ancient wisdom, and intuition provide a well-rounded framework to prepare you energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • An Experienced Guide: With an ever-evolving understanding of plant medicine and energy healing, Angela brings a wealth of knowledge to guide you through the critical prep and integration phases of this transformative process.

  • A Lasting Impact: The tools and insights you gain from the prep and integration sessions aren't just for the moment – they're designed to empower and support you long after your plant medicine journey concludes.

Multi-session packages available.

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