We're all about the vibes

Energy is everywhere and everything. It’s the chair you’re sitting in, the hugs you give, the stars gleaming in the night sky, and the gloomy thoughts that keep you awake at night. Energy is constantly buzzing and shifting around us and within us.

Over time, our lingering thoughts and words can manifest as negative energetic vibrations that prevent us from creating positive change and forward movement. Whether they’ve hunkered down in your space or your spirit or both, low vibes have a massive impact on how we live, learn and love.

Justicia's services and products use energy medicine practices, and crystals and stones as tools for growth and transformation. The wisdom of ancient healing and spiritual traditions combined with crystal healing can create balanced energy in all aspects of life. 

Are you ready to empower your journey?

About Angela Goodstein
Angela Goodstein headshot
"Fifteen years ago, a wise woman told me that I would one day work with healing stones. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, but it cracked open the door to my curiosity."

"Her words have proven revelatory as I’ve tapped into the healing energy of crystals over the past decade."

"As a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and a Certified Crystal Healer, I have an intuitive sense of what will best support and honor your journey. Each session is infused with love and purpose to realign the energy of your space and your spirit and remove energetic blocks. 

Crystals serve as the foundation of my work. I also use rituals, ancient wisdom, and intention as tools for purification and reconnection. Within you exists the divine capacity to change, heal and grow. I am merely a loving witness to your transformation. 

I look forward to empowering your journey and to helping bring peace, protection and prosperity back into your body, spaces and your life."

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