Personalized Energy + Plant Medicine Retreats

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Welcome to Your Personalized Group Healing   Journey

Co-creating your path to wellbeing

Join us for a catalytic two-and-a-half-day retreat curated just for you and your chosen companions!   Unlock the potential for healing and connection as you venture into a personalized retreat guided by experienced energy medicine practitioner, Angela Goodstein with Justicia Healing, and seasoned psychedelic facilitator, Mary Casanave Sheridan with MyCo-Vision. Our retreats seamlessly blend ancient wisdom with modern insights.

When: Flexible Dates for Your Convenience

Choose the dates that seamlessly fit into your schedule for a retreat that aligns with your life. Our commitment is to provide an exclusive, tailored experience on your terms. Generally retreats are two-and-a half-days long. 

Who: For Groups of 3-4

Gather your tribe—family, friends, intergenerational bonds, or co-workers—for a shared journey of healing and renewal. Strengthen connections and cultivate a deeper bond with those who matter most.

Unlike traditional retreats where participants are grouped randomly, our approach is different. Instead of fitting into a predetermined program, you and your chosen group of 3-4 individuals have the opportunity to shape the entire experience based on your collective intentions and goals.

What to Expect:

  • Tailored To Your Needs: Your retreat, your theme! Whether it's a digital detox, healing generational trauma, a celebratory bachelorette escape, a sacred gathering of your sisters, or a mindful work retreat for forward-thinking companies, the possibilities are limitless. Before the retreat begins, we'll meet with your group to discuss your intentions and desired focus areas. Whether you're seeking personal growth, healing, or simply a weekend of renewal, we'll customize every aspect of the retreat to align with your goals. Set your intentions, and let us co-create an immersive experience that aligns with your vision for personal and collective growth.
  • Psychedelic Dosing Session:  You’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in self-discovery and explore the depths of your consciousness during a carefully guided psychedelic experience. Supported by our expert facilitator, Mary Casanave Sheridan, this session aims to unveil personal insights and foster growth. 
  • Prep and Integration Energy Medicine Sessions: Experience personalized energy sessions, curated to meet your unique needs. Angela will guide you through preparatory sessions to set the stage for your journey and integration sessions to help you process and integrate your experiences afterward. 
  • Holistic Healing Modalities: In addition to energy sessions and psychedelic experiences, we offer a variety of modalities tailored to your group's specific needs and interests. Whether it's meditation, yoga, art therapy, human design readings, or guided group discussions, we'll incorporate complimentary practices that resonate with your intentions. Guest practitioners will be curated based on your personalized theme. 
  • Nourishing Meals: Our retreats offer nourishing meals crafted with care to support your well-being throughout your journey. Savor delicious and wholesome dishes prepared with locally sourced ingredients, designed to nourish your body and replenish your spirit. Our culinary offerings are thoughtfully curated to complement your retreat experience, providing you with the energy and sustenance you need to fully immerse yourself in the journey ahead. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available. 
  • Safe and Nurturing Venue: Our retreats unfold in a serene and nurturing environment provided by MyCo Vision, a premier facility dedicated to supporting transformative experiences. Conveniently situated on the edge of beautiful downtown Bend, Oregon, this vibrant setting offers the perfect backdrop for your journey of self-discovery and healing. With easy access to accommodations and other amenities, you'll find everything you need within reach as you commence this exploration of consciousness and healing. 


 Group of 4: $2,499* per person | Group of 3: $2,799* per person

*Please note that airfare and lodging expenses are not included in the retreat fee. However, we're happy to provide recommendations for nearby accommodations to enhance your stay.

Why Choose Us?

We are passionately committed to delivering holistic healing experiences that deeply nourish the mind, body, and spirit by seamlessly merging ancient healing practices with contemporary insights. Angela and Mary, your dedicated facilitators, cultivate a safe and supportive environment tailored to your journey of self-discovery and well-being. With our expertise, trust in our ability to lead you through a profound transformation and connection. We prioritize thorough preparation and integration to ensure your journey is as enriching as possible. 

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